The Fraser-MacKenzies

The Forbes’ Trustees sold the House to John Fraser in August 1842 for sum of £13,650. He was a tea merchant and a native of Inverness. His son Robert married Beatrice Mackenzie of Ord and the name became Fraser-Mackenzie. She owned Allangrange estate. Their son Jack was in charge of the estate.

Their other son Leo was an officer in the Inverness Battery, Royal Horse Artillery and served through the 1914-18 war under General Allenby in Palestine. He retired with the rank of major and became factor for the Bunchrew and Allangrange estates until his death after a serious illness.

During the 1939-45 war the House was occupied by the Royal Air Force. There was also a great sensation round about this time when their cousin Dick met a tragic death by falling from the balcony of the Highland Club in Inverness.